...or should i say when opening new windows with javascript

for example, when i want to open new window, say using the shift+clicking the link, the window pops up fine, but when the link is javscript:void(0); it takes literally about a minute to open, and the pointer stays a thumbnail until the new window pops.

i thought it might be spywares or any other programs that's slowing it down, but i just cleaned it up and it still does it. any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. thank you.

please? it's really bothering me.

not only that my laptop now is making that noise it makes when it loads stuff... i mean, it does that all the time now, even when i'm not even doing anything.

Check for virus or spyware.

I have had a similar problem, whole system extremely slow to load. I went to Task Manager and found that a file was using up 99% of the CPU. (The file was dllhost.exe but I think other files can do this as well). I click on 'stop process' and the system goes back to using 2% resources. Its a pain to do it every time I log on, but I haven't as yet found out what to do about it permanently.

Thanks for replying.

I did check for viruses and spywares, but there were none. And I also went to the Task Manager, but the CPU usage was only about 2-8%. Any other solutions maybe?