I see that the favorite browser of the Apple Mac fanboy, Safari, has arrived for Windows users according to this DaniWeb blog entry.

I have just downloaded it and will be giving it a whirl myself, and will be interested to see how the claims of being the fastest Windows browser stack up in real world use.

It has been an interesting few days for web browsers, what with Netscape Navigator 9 getting a Beta 1 release as well.

Can't see any of them making much of an impact upon IE, or Firefox for that matter though.

I just downloaded it today. I'm glad they have done this as now testing for Safari will be much easier to do. And I aslo doubt this will have any affect on Firefox's or IE's marketshare, though. Opera couldn't make a dent so I see no reason to think Safari will either.

I downloaded it! It rocks!

At last 1 apple thing I like! (i will have to remove my apple blog/hate rant lol)

Firefox Killer!

Why do you think it is a Firefox killer? I mean what features in particular make you say that?

Because it has everything firefox has but its faster and looks nicer.

Most of the people who use firfox on windows dont because its opensource, they do it because they are fed up with IE.

Therefore methinks that Safari will poach a lot of FF users. Could lead to another browser wars, maybe...

Firefox's following is from developers who evangelicalize it. Safari definitely isn't going to steal FF's developer following and so I don't think will make a dent in FF's userbase. It's probably best to compare it to Opera.

Its way better than opera IMHO

Is IE8 coming out ever?

Supposedly a year and half after IE7 was released. It will be interesting to see if they offer any real improvements or if it will just be a glorified bug fix like IE7.

Maybe theyll make IE7 SP1 (they did that with IE5 and 6)

Maybe it will conicide with XP SP3? Thats meant to be mid 2008

Meh, Bloody thing wont work! Have a look

Works fine here. If you don't count the unexplained freezing, the fuzzy font anti-aliasing, the security vulnerabilities (half a dozen have already been exposed), the distinctly non-Windows UI (which will alienate far too many Windows users) and the memory usage...

I just turned off the antialiasing and used windows built in one

also why does java and flash not work in it! and i cant find plugins!