I am trying to retrieve data from a Hitatchi Laptop Hard Disk that used to be in a Dell Lattitdue C640 running Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 2 installed. This lap top became unusable and I have since mothballed it. I am using a IDE -> USB cable to connect it to a desktop computer running Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2.

Every time I attempt to access the data (specifically the \Documents and Settings\User\My Documents and \Documents and Settings\User\Desktop folders), the desktop pops up an error reading "Access Denied." I think I might have made the files private while the old C640 was still functional, because all of the other user folders do not give me this error. I can get into the \Documents and Settings\User folder, but I get the error on all of the contents.

Any suggestions on what I can do or methods I can do to bypass?

Thanks, it worked perfectly.