i have been trying to get my 2 main ysstems to communicate, but cant seem to get things working. i need to do this because the system downsairs has the printer and all(no more power plugs or space up here) besides they are on the same network and share the connection.
anyway here is my problem. i can ping myself on both systems, however i am unable to ping the win2000 system from the win98 system. the win2000 system has no problems pinging the win98 system.
what could be causeing this? can my firewall be a problem or even a bad nic.
however when both systems where win98 there where no problems

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what are the specific about your network (equipment, static/DHCP, protocols).

what, if any firewall software program(s) are you running on the win98 sys? btw, hopefully you are NOT running multiple s/w firewalls...

have you ensured that both systems are in the same workgroup, have unique computer names & unique ip addresses (on your private network)?

just saw your other win98/2000 post regarding your network probs - in the future please try to maintaine posts on the same thread where warranted, such as in this case. anyhow... i still need to know what wheter your running static or DHCP on the private side of your network (regardless of whether or not the D-Link is connected to the internet). I simple test is ping the loop back ip of; if you can't ping that let us know. if can, and you're set up for DHCP, do a release & a renew (via winipcfg), make sure you're releasing (not release all, just release when on your nic) to and then renewing to an appropriate ip address (ie,, etc; not a 169.x ip). post how this helps/doesn't help or if you need clarification on the instructs to this point.

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