Hi all,

I downloaded mozilla as i was fed up with all the problems in IE. But after i installed etc when i click on the exe file. It nearly starts up but doesn't run the program. Has this happened 2 ne1 else?

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I downloaded from Mozilla.org...... how do u mean run it as an administrator? Sorry man, ure a hell of a lot beta with computers than me.

I downlaoded Mozilla 1.5 and ran the set up. Do i need that firebird thing?

Jus been reading about it. I have an ATI card from '98 (quite old) is it possibly not running because this isnt up to date?

First you said you installed it but you said when you click on the mozilla Icon to launch it just tries and tries with no results.What dose the screen or picuter look like when it tries and tries to launch?Try going through you start menu /programs then find mozilla's Icon and then double click it.
EXE. means executable that means you should just be able to double click it and got from there....(When I say rus it as root/admin)What version of windows are you using .........xp ME 98 95 91?
1.5 mozilla will work Firebird is what I use.
Your ATI might need drivers post the brand name and model and I(we)will help you find the drivers for it.
Post your comp specs.

Yeah, im using Win 98. The orange mozilla thing comes onto the screen then just dissapears, without the program opening as if it crahses. But all other programs will still work. I need 2 wait untill im home 2 specify what ATI i have.

Im not sure which ATI i have? Any ideas why mozilla wont start?

Its a first! Maybe your blocking it with a FireWall unistall it then reboot. Install it again .(suggestion)Download it from webattack this time and try again.

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