Hi, whenever i put in a CD to install something the computer will restart itself. It isnt the temperature that is affecting it and I already unchecked the Automatic reboot box in the system. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. It also doesnt matter what type of CD it is as long as it is to install something. It isnt hardrive space either

Hi Barker, welcome to DaniWeb :)

It also doesnt matter what type of CD it is as long as it is to install something.

What happens when you insert a disk which is not an installation disk (a music CD, for example)?

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Hi Barker, welcome to DaniWeb :)

What happens when you insert a disk which is not an installation disk (a music CD, for example)?

when it is something like music it starts up fine no problems. sorry about double posting, just wasnt sure which it would be best in


Open the Event Viewer utility in your Administrative Tools control panel and look through your System and Application logs for entries flagged with "Error" or "Warning", especially those whose time-stamps coincide with the occurence of the reboots, or which otherwise look like they might relate to the problem. Double-clicking on such an entry will open a properties window with more detailed information on the error; post the details from a representative sample of some of the different error messages (please don't post duplicates of a given entry, or flood us with the entire contents of the logs).

To post the details:
In the Properties window of a given entry, click on the button with the graphic of two pieces of paper on it; the button is at the right of the window just below the up arrow/down arrow buttons. You won't see anything happen when you click the button, but it will copy all of the details to the Windows clipboard. You can then paste the details into your next post here.

Here is what has been suggested to me so far and nothing worked:

Also, did you try turning off Autorun?
You mentioned that your computer immediately restarts as soon as you put a CD in. That means that your PC was about to Autorun the CD in your CD-ROM drive then it hit an error that caused it to restart. It's quite possible this has to do with the Autorun not working properly. Therefore, when you log into your PC, don't put the CD in yet. Use the TweakUI program I mentioned above and turn off Autorun first then restart your PC. Then, put CoP Disk 1 into your CD-ROM drive and see if the PC resets again.

Also, did you try other installation CDs and let them Autorun? It's just to see if they experience similar problems.

Also, double check if the CD is scratched.


I searched around on Google and found there are similar problems related to this.

Ok, I need to know the drive model of your CD and/or DVD-ROM drive.
Also, tell me what is the power rating on your power supply.

> Do you have any software similar to Roxio's Drag-to-Disk or Nero's InCD installed on your PC?
If yes, uninstall them. Restart your PC. Put CoP CD Disk 1 into your CD-ROM drive and see if it restarts.

> Do you get a blue screen after restart?

If yes, tell me what the error code is.
Do this:

QuoteWell it's some corrupted driver and it's crashing the PC. What OS are you runnning? Try uninstalling all CD/DVD drives using the Device Manager. Turn off the PC and disconnect all but one drive. Reboot and let windows find it again and install driver. Try running a CD.

To turn off automatic reboot (assuming XP), right click on "My Computer"/properties/Advanced tab/Start-up and Recovery settings. Uncheck auto reboot. Now you can see the BSOD stop code, when it happens again.

Try removing the CD-ROM drive in Device Manager. Restart your PC. After logging in, let it install it, restart again. Then, put in your CoP install CD after you log in.
Tell me if the PC still restarts.

> How many hard drives and optical drives (CD/DVD) are installed in your PC? What is your video card?
Remember I asked above what is the power rating of your power supply unit?
Tell me how many devices are being run in your computer: hard drives, optical drives, memory speed, and type of video card.

One person who had a similar problem realized his PC wasn't having enough power feeding the devices (including the optical drives) on his computer.
He therefore replaced his power supply unit with a 500W one. His old one was 300W.

First, shutdown your PC.
Turn off the main power supply switch on the back of the PC.
Unplug the power cord from the back of the PC.
Open your case.
Look for your optical drives.

Time for a process of elimination:
- Unplug the power cable to one of your optical drives (it's a 4x1 rectangular connection called a Molex connector).
- Plug the power cord back in and turn on your PC.
- Insert the CD for CoP, see if it restarts.

If it doesn't restart, shutdown your PC.
Test the other optical drive. This time, follow the same steps above, but this time plug in the power cable for the other optical drive.
Turn on your PC again and insert the CoP CD.

See if it restarts.

Also there are no errors or warnings in the even viewer to do with it :S