Yes i had to reformat my PC and i was wondering how to get my audio driver and such back cause i have had no audio for the past week, it didnt install when i reinstalled windows 98plus! , if you guys/girls could help i would like to thank you.

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Do you know what sound card you're using? If it's a SoundBlaster, go to and download the latest drivers from there. Any other sound card, go to the appropriate site and download the latest drivers.

Perhaps the drivers are installed and sound is just disabled by default? Go into System Devices (via the Control Panel) and check for anything with a question mark or exclamation point next to it. Otherwise, check your sound scheme and make sure sounds are enabled.

but how can i figure out what soundcard i have?

ok, check to make sure the speaker plug is pluged into the green socket /make sure the speakers are not muted in control panel /sound and audio device

no idea what i did installed one more from the same person same type and uhhh poof it works, thanks guys/gals.

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