My website http://animalcrueltyfacts.net is having serious issues with IE. These are not browser compatibility issues, and they are not isolated to my computer.

No version of IE on any computer can load the server to my website. I have no idea whats causing this. The website works fine in other browsers. I've had other people test the site and say the same thing, so its not my computer, my browser, or my network.

I have an .htaccess file that redirects www versions of the site to non-www versions... for example
loading http://www.animalcrueltyfacts.net will redirect to http://animalcrueltyfacts.net in firefox, chrome, etc. However, loading http://www.animalcrueltyfacts.net in any version of IE simple returns with the same error messages:

IE6: Action Cancelled
IE7: Navigation to the webpage was cancelled
IE8: Navigation to the webpage was cancelled
IE9: Navigation to the webpage was cancelled

If you load http://animalcrueltyfacts.net/pet-abuse which is just a subpage of my site, it loads. So why isn't the index of my site being found?

What the heck is going on!?

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Nice site, I have a website that is the same as you except it is selling shirts that say SPCA and stop animal abuse. Maybe you want to post your website link in website reviews just to give you feedback on your site. How do you fixed the issue anyway? i am also using IE8 and my website takes a long time to load and suddenly it can't show the page is it the same problem as yours Aeterna?

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Then you must check it with using other WEB browser like mozile firefox , safari or opera.


Hi mhanry. Well the poster problem is already solved. Is his website problem, but thanks for contributing


All I can say is I like IE9 & thats all I have to say except it's faster & love the upper browser link better than IE8. Options to close out what I want while viewing other links at once. IE8 can't do that!!

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