:rolleyes: I was over at a friend’s house last night. She has XP, emachine and word 2002. Whenever she tries to minimize a window it disappears, all windows. I did this with word, and the only thing I could do was reopen word, however when doing that, word still had the doc open, each time I opened word I got the next doc...doc 6, doc 7, doc 8. What’s up with that? Anybody know of an option in xp that’s causing this?:eek:

Thanks much,

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Have you checked for spyware? Does it happen in other apps?

There are a number of things it could be. Let us know the answers to those two questions, and I'm sure we could help.

I did run spybot, then did scndisk and defrag. It happens in all windows regardless of the app. I actually wasn't able to finish defrag cause of time restraints. I'm going back this weekend. I noticed the system was not regularly maintained. It's pretty dirty. I was thinking of just wiping it and starting over. I doubt there's a OS return point.


Update: I found 29 infected files. I cant even install/uninstall. I told her to buy XP and we'll fdisk the darn thing.

Never heard of stinger, I'll check it out. I reinstalled XP and office, drivers, all the goodies. Runs like a dream for now. I did a return point right away as well.

Thanks for all the help

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