I have recently acquired windows Vista and have had many problems already but was able to overcome them, this however, is proving more difficult. I was running a keyboard that worked for a couple of days no problem, I didn't bother with drivers since it was working fine. One day it just ceased to work - no response whatsoever. Vista suggested it may be faulty hardware, so I thought I'd try the drivers. i installed the drivers, rebooted and then none of the peripherals responded - none. The cursor wouldn't move and no shortcuts would work. I tried a different keyboard, still nothing. Rebooted - same story. Restarted in safe mode, thought that it wouldn't run new drivers... Still locks up in safe mode... not sure what to do... The drivers for the keyboard came from some obscure little company called 'MY' - 'My' office keyboard. Anyway, thanks for spending the time to read this, any assistance would be greatly appreciated...

Did you run the vista compatability program? It would have tested the computer's hardware and given you a report of what needs to be fixed.

I have had the same issues. Unfortunately, my computer was set up in such a way that to even get to my desk top I had to login. Without the keyboard working, I obviously couldn't do that. The only help I got from Geek Squad or Dell was that I probably had a virus and had to reinstall windows and lose everything. After this happening 3 times, I changed my password to be nothing. This way it goes straight to my desk top without needing to sign in.

I came to the conclusion to do this because once the keyboard drivers disappeared while I was using the computer. When I looked under the device manager I saw an alert by the USB port. Clicking on that I saw that the "device" was missing drivers. Through further trials and testing - I ran a keyboard test and it said that everything was fine and I had all the new drivers - go figure, even though device manager said I didn't. I couldn't go to the internet to search for drivers since I couldn't type.

What I have ended up doing is through the use of the mouse, I clicked on the device with the problem and told it to find the drivers on my hard drive. (Unplug and replug your keyboard first) It then found them and worked again. You could try to unplu and plug first, see if it will see your keyboard as a new device and install the drivers automatically.

This happens on and off. It drives me insane and I can't understand why it occurs.

I spoke with a coworker who said (it's probably Vista) but to be sure, he told me to rename the drivers to something else. Then uninstall the keboard and reinstall it. He suggested that maybe there is a glitch on the hard drive where that info is stored.

You can try either of these. If you can figure out how to prevent this from happening in the future, please share it. I am yet to do that/ :D

I thing you don't used Windows Vista. if you have problem..... Try it some new............

If the keyboard is not functioning, make sure that it is connected correctly to the computer. Check all the keyboard's plugs (PS/2 and USB) to make sure that there are no loose connections.

If an adapter (USB to PS/2 or PS/2 to AT) is being used, verify that it is the adapter that came with the keyboard or that the keyboard supports adapting to a different port. For example, the Internet Keyboard does not adapt to a USB port, and a PS/2 to USB adapter will not work. It does not include an adapter.

If the issue continues to occur, connect the keyboard to a different computer. If the keyboard functions correctly on a different computer, the port to which the keyboard was connected on the original computer may be damaged. If this is the case, contact your computer manufacturer to inquire about how to repair or replace the damaged port.

If the keyboard does not function correctly on another computer, the keyboard may be defective. If this is the case, and the warranty on the keyboard is still valid, you can exchange the defective keyboard for a new keyboard.

follow this link:http://support.microsoft.com/kb/258826

Here is what I did, based on information that I found on the "System File Checker" (which I thought no longer existed in Vista):

From the start menu, select "All Programs" and then Select "Accessories". Find the "Command Prompt" icon and RIGHT-click it. Select "Run as Administrator." Click Okay when prompted by your system.

Then at the C prompt, type "sfc /scannow" (without the quotes - there is a space between "sfc" and "/scannow").

Use On-Screen Keyboard to type.

Just let it run and it will eventually correct all the corrupt files. When it is done, restart your computer.

When it comes back, it will look for a new driver for your keyboard and then ask you to reboot, after it installs it.

When windows starts, again, everything should be fine.