Not so recently, my mothers Sony Laptop (among being riddled with other countless flaws and errors) Internet Explorer refuses to open up or run.

An error box pops up with the following text message every time

Explorer has caused in error in SHELLEXT.DLL
Explorer will now close.

Now I figured Internet Explorer was corrupt and I attempted to reinstall the application, the only problem is the Microsoft windows download website doesn’t actually have a legitimate, fresh and full copy installation of Internet Explorer. I searched and wadded through 219 potential downloads for Explorer finding every single one to simply be an update of the recent Explorer 6 or older Explorer 5

So I tried the updates anyways, after uninstalling and reconfiguring the internet explorer 6 on the laptop back to explorer 5. The only problem now is that I receive an error message which simply states that not all components were installed correctly (and this is after the percentage bar hits like, 1...) so obviously that didn’t solve anything.

So I decided to find and use the ME operating disc (that’s the OS of the laptop btw) to reinstall explorer hoping that in the disc itself there would be an installation of explorer. The only **** part is that my mother told me when she bought the laptop from STAPLES, they didn’t include an OS disc, which I found odd because by law they are suppose to (and I’m sure you can’t create a recovery disc on an ME system)

So now I’m totally out of luck and I don’t know what to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Manufacture: Sony Electronics
Specs:Pentium III, 62 DDR RAM
OS: Windows ME 4.90.3000
Previously installed aps (In order): BPS Spyware Remover
Ad-aware 6.0
D-Link Airplus, wireless card (which we never got working properly, we use the conventional ethernet port to connect to SHAW)
Anytime Organizer

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Unfortunately, this did not work =T

Completely reinstalling the internet explorer package didnt seem to have any effect. What else can I do?

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