Does anyone else find Vista's settings difficult to navigate? Everything seems so tricky to find because they try to make each page look simple and user friendly. For one thing network settings are a pain.

I can't go to the properties of My Network Places and see my network adapters. I can't find an equivalent to the "support" tab in the connection properties which tells my adapters IP address and other useful information.

I like some of the ideas for network security, but I wish they implemented them in a better interface.

Anyone experiencing the same difficulty? Am I missing something? Should I just get used to it? Will I eventually see the light?

I think 'getting used to it' is the thing, but I agree with you that the new interface appears clumsy in many aspects.

Of course, this could be a case of the devil you know, but even if that were true it does seem a tad silly to totally alienate a huge base of XP users who will upgrade to Vista and be totally lost in an interface that has changed so much.

Of course (part two) there is always the argument that if Microsoft had not changed it so much in terms of look and feel, then users would feel even more cheated than they already do at the upgrade cost...

Yea man, you're just going to have to mess around with it a bit until you find everything.. It does take some getting used to.. Well, at least all the commands in the command prompt are still basically the same (besides the new difficult bcdedit boot loader). I say just use the 'ipconfig' command to manage network connections..

most of the stuff you need is on the startbar, like the basic stuff. yh but like the other guys said,,, you will get used to it.

another good idea is to maybe put shortucts in a folder on the desktop to all the folders and programs you use and are hard to find