I have tried everything to get my computer to enable my modem but nothing works, went thru the help and it says probably needs enabled in bios ... I have no idea how to enable it can anyone help me please i need to get on the internet, I am running windows ME.. Please any help ??? :sad:

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We need more info.

Is your modem part of your motherboard as in AMR...

Is it PCI... ISA...

I suppose its part of mother board but I have no idea really, I think they cable company disabled it when they put in cable modem, but i need it to fax and dont know how to re enable it.


You'll probably need to determine what particular modem you have, and reinstall the driver for it. Have you an installation disk or CD for it?

First, right-click My Computer and choose properties. If there is a modem entry listed in Device Manager select it and choose Properties again. Check the various tabs and see if it is set to 'Disable in this hardware profile' or words to that effect. If so, change the setting.

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