I have been receiving the same error: Generic Host Process for Win 32 Services Encountered a Problem and Needs to Close: over and over. It interferes with my ability to run slideshow, download pictures, open up my computer, etc. It has really slowed down my computer. The details are:

szAppName : SVCHOST.EXE szAppVer : 5.1.2600.2180
szModName : WIASTIIO.dll szModVer : offset : 000017e0

Do you have any simple suggestions on what I can do? I'm not super computer literate.


alright got your problem.

If its windows xp then, follow this.

1. Click start, Open run and type "msconfig"
2. Select the services tab on that window.
3. Check "Hide all Microsoft Services"
4. Then click on "Disable All"
5. Now click on the "Startup" tab and click on "Disable All"
6. Click ok and cofirm to reboot.
7. After reboot try to perform what you wanted to do.

Let me know if the issue still occurs.
If not then then you have to open "Msconfig" again and do a step by step elimination of the services until you find which one is the cause.

Thanks so much! I got a message that said System Configuration Utility and it asked if I wanted to do a selective start. I picked cancel and now my computer seems to be working much much better (no win 32 error yet). I have my fingers crossed. Thanks again!

Did you try my steps?

I did try them and it worked for a short time but the Win 32 errors have returned.