I hope you can help as i am extremely frustrated and dont know what else to try. I have searched all the posts and nothing seems to work.

A few days ago i updated Emule which didn't go too well. I completely uninstalled that and reverted my pc to obtaining an ip adress automatically. I had a few oher minor problems so cant realy trace the cause of the probem

Since then i have unable to connect to any internet pages using ether ie or mozila. I am running a wireless network ad can access my emals via outlook express so know the conection is there.

I have run ie diagnostic and it says --- cannot connect to internet using http, https, or ftp. check firewall settings for port 80, 443, and 21. The error log reads error 1202 and 12029

Thinking it was a firewall problem i turned of norton and still could not conect. windows frewall is turned off.

On my wireless conection the obtain ip address automaticaly and obtain dns automaticaly are ticked.

I dont hink it is the router as i ghave just moved into my grlfriends house and have neve rtouched the route. I did have conection o it befre though. We have a laptop in the huse that an conect.

I have run scans via norton and windows defender and done thngs such as clear out history, cokies, cache, turn the router on and off e.t.c

I don't know what else to do. Any help apreciated

Welcome to the site :)

Have you checked to make sure WORK OFFLINE isnt checked??

Goto the FILE menu and make sure it isnt checked :)

Good luck!

It is possible that Emule might mess up your security settings. Most of the P2P programs atempt to use diferent ports then you browser. So check your connection settings from Emule and open that ports from your router. And then set your wireless up.

But beofre all this please check if the "Work Offline" is selescted as @The Dude mantioned.

Good Luck.