Please can somebody help!

I have a pc with windows xp installed. The shortcuts on the desktop do not work and it asks you what progarm you want to use to open it.
Only programs work (outlook) and shortcuts dont. None of the applications work ie right clicking my computer to get to system restore etc.

Also all the normal services are not running in the toolbar at the bottom right when the pc starts.

I have tried to load Windows XP Professional over the top but the pc doesnt give me the chance to "press any key to boot from cd" when the pc and when I put the cd in I can go to the front options screen but it will not install XP Pro - it will only move me around the options for the cd, whenver I try and install anything then nothing happens.

This is a nightmare and would appreciate it if anyone can help me sort this pc out - I really would like to install Professional on it.

You should Boot into Safe mode & run various Antispy
/ Antivirus programs .. such as Spybot SD, Adaware SE Personal,
Spyware Blaster, a good Antivirus Program such as AVG Free &
also a good Trojan hunter such as Ewido ... it is possible your computer
picked up something that is causing all this.

Remember to disable System Restore & empty the temp folders
before you start the scan ... if that does not work, next thing to do is when you reboot, enter BIOS setup and set it boot from the CD first, Hard Drive second ... Next, reboot with the windows xp cd in the drive
Select the Repair option .. try to have windows do a repair install

See if that helps you

Hope it helps

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