I have a Toshiba satellite laptop running XP. I was trying to get it to have access to a printer on my wifi network. I have only done this in linux and had no idea how to do it in windows so I was basically playing around with settings. Now the laptop claims to be connected to the network, but I get no internet. I have tried using IP's instead of domains and I have tried to ping google.com. I have had no luck though.

Appreciate the help


On the sparse information provided there'sonly one piece of advice that makes sense.

Reset your router to default settings. Then you should at least connect again.

To get your printer connected - well that depends on what your printer is telling the network. If it's connected to a router port, it might/should be visible in My Network Places\Entire Networ\Microsoft Windows Network. In that case you should be able to right click a discovered printer device and install it.

Or you could go to Control Panel\Printers and Faxes\Add Printer and then go forward with the network printer option.

Let us know how you get on.