running windows media player 11 on xp service pack 2 but the sound is really badly distorted (even at EQ and SRS WOW effects turned off)..trying to update it from microsoft didnt solve any says its totally upotodate and i have the latest codecs as well >

i was trying to find out on options where the sound card setting is but cannot find it ...

in any case how to solve this problem and have a good sound quality?

Are your speakers broken?

Sounds like a good place to start...

Does audio sound bad in other players also bud?

Check if your speaker, cable or sound ports are broken

no the speakers are new...turns out i found a way to fix the problem...on options >speakers i found the device controller was set on default card and not my card so i changed it to my sound card and now the sound is proper...
anyhow i was wondering if there is a plug in or add on for media player that places the player on the windows bar on the bottom but yet not as a button but in a way that u can can control it without having to mximize it again (in a way like winamp does) ..that would be cool ...also is ther anyway to customise the white background behind the media library screen ( to put something like a picture -background) ?

Yes, it exists - its built in

Make sure you have a fairly recent media player version (11 is current)

then minimize it and right click on the bar at the bottom of the screen (where start etc is) and choose Toolbars and put a tick next to windows media player. Then when you minimize it it will look like in the pic below.

wow thats so cool and easy ...thanx mate!

Yes. I like windows media player.