Hey guys, i seem to be having this problem with my keyboard.

It's like everytime i use it, in five seconds it just freezes or slows down and then comes back and i have no clue why.

This was happening before i sent it into the Edsys Computers to fix up some other problem, but when i got it back, i had a look if they fixed the problem I'm having now, and i guess they didn't, so im wondering if its a hardware or software problem.

if you can help me how to fix this keyboard problem, that would be great thanks. =)

This may not be of any help, but here's what I will suggest may have happened:
It sounds like a few of the wires in it may be disconnected. If not then you may need a driver.
(Some mice and keyboards have crap drivers anyways)
I would really suggest you get a new keyboard, but if you like the old one there has got to be a solution somewhere.

if your using a usb keyboard then it might be a software problem..if your using PS2 k/b, then try using another k/b if the problem persist, then it might be a hardware problem..