Hi, i'm pretty new.. I have an Nvidia GeForce 4 MX420 64 mb graphics card. I've been trying to play a game, "Wolfenstein Enemy Territory" and after a while my computer just randomly restarts.
I go on the settings on the display and adjust the troubleshoot slider up and down, but that doesn't work. i tried to go on the nvidia tab and a box came up with "nvcpl" in the top corner and saying "Catastrophic Failure". All i could do was click "OK".
I've reinstalled drivers, system restored, uninstalled and reinstalled the game, updated every bit of the game and it doesn't work. I read in another Article that GeForce 4 is onle directx 7 compliable, does that mean that i can only use it with directx 7?
I'd understand and buy a new card if it was with all games, but it works fine with Warcraft 3 and the frozen throne, just this one game gives me jip!
Any ideas?

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Check for game update patches and install any which may be available. If a particular game gives problems where others don't, it's most likely a problem in the game itself, where 'issues' arise with your particulat combination of hardware components.


Ok i'll give that a go, just wondered if anyone else here had witnessed the same/any similar events, i'm gonna try that bios thing from the other topic though :-)

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