hey guys i dont know how this problem occured but it happened after restarting and i have no clue how to fix it. my taskbar hover description box's font got a little big and i want to change it back, help would be appricated thanks.

i want the taskbar description to be the same font style as the msn description.


go inot display properties>Appearance> advance>Select tool tips and change the font caharacters. size,color, type like arial or wahtever

thanks for the reply but it still does not do anything. even if i made drastic changes to tooltip it doesnt change anything.

it should take immediate effect your screen should go dark (changes being applied) then back the the regular color. make sure that before you clik on the advance button the font size on that page says normal then . try changing it to some thing else resart the pc and then change back to the default or whetever you want it to be.

yes! thank you, restarting did the job ! thanks a lot !