I was trying to install a game from a CD, but later decided to uninstall it. After the uninstall was complete, Windows started to look very strange. Its never been like this before. Its like it looks has gone back in time or something, because it doesn't look normal anymore.....Check these screencaptures to see what I mean:


(you have to copy and paste the URLs)

This is what Windows should look like:


Notice how Windows in those images is bubbly and everything? I hope I am making sense. I checked out Display Properties by right clicking on the desktop, and everytihng looks normal:


I am fairly sure that the game may be behind this, eventhough I didnt play it at all. I uninstalled it right after installing it. It was a huge game, requiring three CDs.

I use Windows 98.

Well, I get "access denied" trying to look at your screen shots.

you have to drag and drop the screenies.

it sounds like some settings got bounced out of place, and your going to have to dig through your display settings to figure it out.

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