Dear members,

Please help me decide on buying a new PC since i dont know much about computers. I already have a 6 year old toshiba laptop and which is still works fine but has fairly old features (256 mb, usb 1.1, 30 GB, old graphic card, etc). These are the minumum requirements I am looking for in a PC:

512 RAM (if windows vista isn't installed)
30 GB
usb 2.0
a way to connect to TV via HDMI or S-video inputs
at least has windows XP home edition or media center
Famous Brand Like Sony, Dell, Toshiba, HQ,
Price Range $700-$2500

I will be using mainly for selling item on ebay, surfing, downloading vidoes from site like rapidshare and saving to an external HD, watching anime/drama by connecting a TV, and playing MMORPG games like world of craft (but not games that require the latest graphic card etc).

I won't be doing nothing like video/picture editing, burning CD or DVD or anything that require a lot of processing power, transfering files from digital camera or phone, and wireless route or internet connection (but wireless keyboard/mouse is okay)

Please also let me know should I get PC that has windows vista (I have window xp home edition which is just fine for me) and any other feature I should also look for. thank you very much!

u can get an hp elite m9000 series desktop with 4GB ram/ 1000GB Hdd, tv tuner, dvi and hdmi, and backup config, as well as lots of expansion room, ethernet and WLAN and hddvd/bluray for around $2000 with tax. monitor sold separately.


go for another toshiba laptop with 1gb ram, 120gb hdd, integ. graphics, and dvd burner for 500.00 and u can add an external tv tuner for 50.00- 100.00 (final total is even below ur price range!)

ps. both options offer VGA and S-Video as well