Hi am novice at computer.Recently instaled Lexmark 1185 all in one copier,fax,and print. When installed by CD AOL said file to large to open. What can I do to open these files?

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When installed by CD AOL said file to large to open.

Can you be more clear on that please? AOL should have nothing to do with installing the Lexmark software from CD.


Lexmark All In One CD installed a file size 44.6 MB. AOL says it is to large to open.


How do you know it's AOL that says that?

Hm..Maybe AOL is trying to open a file on the cd. Go in My Computer and right click on the cd drive and choose explore. Look for a file called setup and double click it.

If you are getting the same message now maybe its one of those stupid Internet Explorer based installations, like the McAfee one and Internet Explorer is not the default browser.

Click start, choose run and type inetcpl.cpl, click ok.(That should bring up internet options)

Click Programs and then click Reset Web Settings at the bottom. Try installing your cd again. If it still doesn't work uninstall the damn AOL.

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