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Hi, can anyone help

<this is a little difficult as its my parents computer thats having problems and I've got them to do various things over the phone! but here goes...>

<Running XP home sp1, 256mb ram, zone alarm, advast antivirus>

2 problems that are probably linked to an update of zone alarm yesterday!

Problem 1,
When starting the computer, the taskbar does not finish loading. 'Start' and the clock appear, but nothing else. When trying to click start, nothing happens (just get the egg-timer).
I asked them to do alt+ctrl+delete and have found out that svchost.exe is using the cpu 100% (the busy light on the computer is flashing and computer is also slow)
Can load things from the desktop though.

Problem 2,
When trying to connect to the internet, get the dreaded 'cannot find server' thing!

My dad, has since uninstalled zone alarm, and the running antivirus program (advast). (dunno why they did that, but they did!) but with no postitive effects!

It seems to me that the computer is 'stuck' somewhere in windows boot-up process.
Obviously any logs or anything can't be posted, but just though that someone might bge able to help on the info above???


Is there any download accelerator like program installed which starts automatically with the start of explorer ... I think that thingy is taking the explorer to take 100 % usage.

Or you have some spyware on your system ....

Open the task manager --> processes and end the explorer process and then start a new explorer task. And then scan for spyware.

REboot into Safe mode. If the system is successful in doing so you'll know that software loading with Windows is the cause of the problem.

Performing a virus scan and also scanning for adware, spyware and trojans is most effective when done in Safe mode.

Spent a while on the phone with no luck...

Done Spybot and adaware checks (no problems)

no accelerators running.

svchost.exe is still using cpu 100%.

I've got them to leave the computer for a couple of hours to see if it was trying to instal something, and still have the same problem.

They've tried repairing xp with the repair feature on the cd (with no luck)

Almost seems to me like xp is stuck in the booting phase?

any other suggestions?

Ran various checks whlle in safe mode.
No change!

Somohow parents have managed to restore the computer back a couple of days and the start menu is now ok.

Now cannot connect to the net!
(well can connect, but get the dns cannot find server error!)

:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

any suggestions?

Download a copy of the freeware winsockfix

If you can update AD-aware and spybot online but NOT reach a web page that might be your soultion..

I'm back home now, and have had a chance to look at the computer. Found that the start menu/taskbar problem was back, and the computer still wasn't opening anything on internet explorer.

Ran Winsockfix and it fixed both problems.

Thanks T.I.!!!