Hey Everyone, newbie here and need help if you can....heres what I've got and Thanks in advance!

HPwl907 with dial up version AOL 9.0, I know, dial up but its for my moms computer and I am 1,100 miles away from her...lol anyway

When she dials up, it makes a connection because she can IM me from aol IM but each time she dials ups up, she receives the following message on her screen:

cable not plugged into the network adapter. Local area connection. plug a cable into network adapter "local area connection"

Now she is connected to aol obviously since we are IM'ing but what woud cause this error so I can help her out? Im on XP still and unfamiliar with Vista and she was running windows 98 before she got her new computer so she is totally lost.

If anyone could help me out here, I would really appreciate it very much...

Thanks again and if im missing something you need to know, just let me know...

Don / Florida

Sounds like Network connection is activated, but no network is plugged in. Go to Start,network,network and sharing center manage network connections. disable local area connection. Don't foreget to re enable it if you get high speed either through satellite or cable or dsl.