im playing worldof warcraft,but i cantinstall adons like coorinates and other map thingsin thegame that is very usefull, and thereason is vista are stopping them to appear on the mini map oeon the main map, does any 1 know what i can do?

and a nither thing. my cpu are in 2 reåair becase it freezed so bad that i had to move electricity and the battery 2 restart it. the on/off button dosent turn the cpu off whatcan be wrong?

For the first problem try turning off some new Vista account security controls. Select Start --> Control Panel --> User Accounts --> Turn User Account Control on or off

The second problem, yes Vista takes control of that on/off button so that if you try to turn it off Vista will shut down normally. This allows Vista to save and close all files normally and do other cleanup tasks.

>>i had to move electricity and the battery 2 restart it
OMG! I can see that you might have to unplug the computer, but I don't think you have to also remove the battery which is not normally removable.

commented: maybe it's a laptop +1

its a laptop.. i sendt in in 2 repair and they had it 4 a month 2 change the maincard in the machine. the shop are admiting that they have sendt me a 2 little machine 2 have vista on... its only 1gb ram on it. but it works a bit better but it still frez for short moments in big citys in the game. but were can i buy ordinary windows xp?