Hi I am using MB Asus A7N8X-E deluxe , Athlon 2400+XP with Windows XP-pro and have this problem :

From couple of days started problem with my audio that I could hear the sounds of report and log in Windows and when I log out , but I can't play anithing because it doesn't recognise my audio and sound options are grey in Control menu .
Couple of times , reinstaled driver - just audio 4.16.420..? and it was working till the Restart .
After that the same story .Couple of time Uninstalled the Audio and after Reboot I installed drivers when was looking for new hardware .

I have stopped AV-program , even Comodo-firewall . I have administr. account on XP-pro .
At the end I uninstall the whole NVIDIA driver and after that , now cant install at all NVIDIA-ethernet driver , even before reboot .

Just before all this happend I had a problem starting - It show me something like problem with BIOS RAM .
Just in case I reinstalled BIOS 1013 ; Could be the problem with RAM (not BIOS ) or low battery ..?
Thanks ..

if you can save all current work and go for a system restore.

I tried , couple of times . Even I used 14 days back point - it didnt work .
After restart it says its unsuccessful .
On other occassions when tried to install drivers after restart I could see
dreadfull message :
win32 host proccess need to close... DAP need to close it..