Hi all, I have an issue that I would love to see an answer for :confused:

Here goes:

I am running an Imagesetter via SCSI on a XP Pro SP2 machine. The RIP software that drives it runs well and so does the output device. However everytime I power on the PC with the imagesetter power on (as required to load drivers) I get the Add New Hardware wizard pop up, over & over again. I have tried to make it go away by running through the whole wizard and installing the required XiScsi.inf file to drive the device. Seconds later the Add New Hardware wizard magically appears again. Everything works fine I output film without a problem as long as I don't mind the Add New Hardware wizard popping up throughout the procedure.
What's interesting is that when I previously ran all the same equipment and software on the same PC with Windows 2000 Pro as the OS, the Hardware Wizard would appear as normal on first run after clean install on Win2k, I would point the wizard to the XiScsi.inf driver installer, and that would be the end of story. I never had an issue with the Wizard again and everything ran perfectly.
Is there a major difference between the Hardware wizards on Win2k and XP?
Here is what I have tried over the months:
Installing driver manually via device manager>update hardware
Disabling Device via Device Manager
Adding the Hardware as '...Other Device'

I have for now, done a clean install and reverted back to Win2k, and all is working well.

If anyone out there has any suggestions they would be very welcome and appreciated.

Thanks for reading this lengthy post, I tried to give as much info as possible.

Also... the device is a PrePress Panther VR Image Recorder.