Please HELP! :cry:

While away (wife :o ) ugraded Windows 98 with Windows XP Professional (Corporate) on old desktop (Dell Dimension XPS450), worked fine until she kept getting error messages, so she decided to load Windows XP Professional (that came pre-loaded with the Dell Inspiron 8200). NOW! I cannot even start up the desktop. During the start up mode this is what happens.

"Please select the operating system to start.

Microsoft Windows XP Professional
Microsoft Winsows XP Start-Up

Use the up and down arrow keys to move the highlighted choice you want to start.

Press ENTER to choose:
Seconds until highlighted choice will start automaticall 5."

Then it goes to the next screen and shows the below noted message.

"Set-Up is inspecting your computer hardware configuration..."

It stays on this page forever. PLEASE...we (as you can tell) are not computer literate. I am AMAZED by the experts on this forum and hopefully someone can come through.

Kindest Regards,

First of all you now have 2 copies of Windows XP installed or partially installed. I.E. a dual boot system. I would imagine, that the one you actually want is the upgrade from windows 98 because that is where all your applications and data will be. So, I suggest you try to start the setup from the XP pro corporate again(do not use the one from the Inspiron). When asked tell it you want to install not repair. When it starts to install, it will first look for existing installations. It should find both, then ask if you want to repair or install new. At this point respond that you want to repair. but you want to select the original upgrade install one that should be in c:\windows if everything was standard with your original Windows 98 install. This is called a repair install. If you encounter errors in the install, come back here with the errors and when they occured. You will need to manually remove the duplicate install, but we can deal with that later. If you don't really care about the old applications and data, you may just wish to format the hard drive and start over fresh. Once you get 2 bothched installs going, it can be tough to completely straighten the mess out. Also, did you try starting both copies of Windows XP?