Well, first thing this problem is not mine, it is my cousins. I really don't know how it started nor how it happened, but I do know the problem.

Every time my cousin tries to log-in to his yahoo email account, he gets all the way to the sign in screen, and then he puts in his password and his ID. After putting that stuff in, he clicks on the Sign-In button, and all of a sudden the whole Internet Explorer closes. This also happens alot of times when he goes to other websites; It doesn't only happen when he tries to sign in to Yahoo. All of a suddden the Internet Explorer just closes. I really don't have a clue on what the problem is.

Are you sure the computer isn't infected with spyware or a virus? Try using SPYBOT or McAfee Virus scan and do a thorough scan of your computer. If you have no results, try contacting microsoft tech support, since IE is a part of microsoft, they may be able to help. Microsoft's toll free phone number for IE support is 800-936-5700. Either call or email them. Hope you can resolve this problem. :cool: