Game, set and a good match

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It's that time of year in the UK once more - the Wimbledon grand slam tennis tournament is upon us. Here in the UK we believe this is the most important tennis tournament in the world. When you talk to a French person they'll tell you the same thing about the French Open, and no doubt the American population has similar feelings about its own Open.

But this is Wimbledon week and there's a guide to the technology on offer there on the Guardian's website - written by me, funnily enough. If you're into tennis and can't be bothered wading through that, there's a Twitter feed with all the scores on offer.

I can never help wondering when there's a major sporting event like this, what happens to the poor network administrator. Whether it's this in the UK or the World Series in the US, it's their job to keep the systems from melting down when colleagues have a quick look at the current scores. As per normal there won't be a massive problem in the UK because, perhaps cynically, we're not expecting our Andy Murray to get as far as the final. But you never know.

Must dash. Play has started and it's time for strawberries and cream.

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the life in a week of a system administrator
we all fall ill to that story in one way or another :P
people are gonna have problems something server is gonna crash and you will not be there as a system admin to take care of the problem
me i would improvise and sync the server to a laptop or something to keep constant info of what is going on making sure noone messes anything up :D

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