McAfee has today announced that it has launched a Cybersecurity Expert Council which features security experts from some of the largest companies in the world, including the likes of BAE Systems, Dell and even NASA.

Apparently the idea is for the CEC to provide what McAfee refers to as "real-world experience" in order to support its own research. So there will be an organisation loosely composed of between 50 and 100 globally recognised authorities who will review McAfee research studies in order to provide analysis, commentary and share best practise ideas.

The announcement coincides withe the publication of a new McAfee research report entitled "Unsecured Economies: Protecting Vital Information" which will be the first that has input from the newly formed CEC.

“Unsecured Economies: Protecting Vital Information report provides insight on securing intellectual property during these uncertain times,” said Brian Young, Senior Systems and Security Analyst at Adena Health Systems, one of the companies with a position on the CEC, adding “Knowing that our input may help other businesses in similar situations is very satisfying.”