Looking for an efficient way to block p2p content on a hotel network.

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Time to talk to the chain's IT department about an UTM (Unified Threat Management) device. I may be dated on this but names like Fortinet, Cyberoam (now Sophos), DELL Sonicwall come to mind. I do not offer support for these so your IT should draw up the usual RFQ or implement as they see fit.

I use Cisco Meraki for the coworking space that I own and it's super simple to set up and perfect for this use. Primary use cases are coworking spaces, hotels, cafes with public wifi, airports, etc.

Thanks everyone.

The owners are considering Meraki. Thanks Dani!

rproffitt, the chain forces them to pay hundreds of thousands in royalties and provides almost no support or assistance. I have actually tried to persuade them from leaving the chain since most of their business is repeat from large companies housing their staff here for the local plants and factories.

commented: It's always sad to read stories like that. I have mine as well. +15

For what it’s worth, I’m a Meraki customer and am very happy with them. I have two devices in my coworking space.

My company use Cisco Meraki for this purpose. You also should try this. Good Luck

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