It seems that Microsoft thinks security threats are going to multiply as the recession continues to bite. It says here that disgruntled and redundant employees will resort to foul means to take contacts to the next job.

This sounds kind of familiar to me. Far be it from me to suggest it's not Microsoft's sole conclusion, but the best IT journalist in the UK (that's me, by the way) wrote this in the Financial Times. A security company had been predicting exactly the same thing. Even then, I was able to use an American story for last year as the hook.

Of course it's not a surprise to think that some unethical types will use just about any means to get back at their employer if they're 'let go' or whatever euphemism you want to use. I predict a different sort of security flood, though. I predict a flood of this sort of news story every time someone wants to get some attention, whether it's for their security service as in my story or their new security division as in the Microsoft example.

When something actually happens I might even write the story again.