According to reports, the security relating to the official Presidential helicopter, Marine One, has been breached. It would appear that engineering and comms data, amounting to a complete avionics package including blueprints, about Obama's helicopter turned up on the computer of defence contractor who also had a P2P file sharing application on the same computer. A copy of the blueprints, inadvertently made available for sharing if the reports are accurate, also turned up on a computer based in Tehran, Iran.

The good news is that the US military know exactly where the file originated and where it ended up. The bad news is that someone with the necessary clearance to have access to such information was stupid enough to not realise the risk of having file sharing applications on the same computer suggests a serious lapse in security awareness at a level that is, frankly, rather scary.

The same security company that uncovered the Marine One file has stated that there are active searches across P2P networks for just this kind of sensitive military data and not just out of Iran. It has noted similar activity originating in China, Pakistan, Qatar and Yemen.

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is this for real? have not heard about it on the tv news.