Hey I have a question. Can I connect two routers though a an Ethernet cable and be able to use the 3 remaining ports on each one. For a total of 6 ports available. Thank you in advanced.

how are you connecting them and what are you connecting them to?

you mean you want to use the built in switch on those routers? yes you can do that, use a cross cable

some routers might not like this kind of misusage though

It is STRONGLY recommended that you do not use 2 routers. You may want to return it and purchase an access point (wireless) or a hub/switch.

To use your router as an access point only, please follow the steps below:

Router A is the router you want to use as the router - connected to the modem.
Router B is the router you want to use an access point or switch.

Step 1 Do not use the WAN port on router B.

Step 2 Depending on your network setup, you may need to change the LAN IP address of router B. The default is If you are using another router, DHCP server, or Internet connection sharing software, change the LAN IP address of the router to an IP in your subnet ( The LAN IP address must be static.

Step 3 Disable DHCP on router B. To disable DHCP, go into the routers configuration > Home > DHCP. Click Disable and then click apply.


Im just using this for an Xbox LAN party no computers. So does that change anything?

yes, disable dhcp on one of the routers, make sure they are in the same subnet (this actually shouldn't matter, but you never know with these combo devices)

Hi - sorry to resurrect this old thread - but why do you strongly discourage connecting two routers? I want to do the same soon.

Hi there

Yes you can use two Routers if you want to do So :

1- Use a Cross Cable to Connect from WAN port of Router A
to the WAN port of Router B .

2- The remaining Ports are 4 LAN ports , One of them is used to
connect to your Laptop , it remains 3 ports.

3- most of to days routers are wireless , and you may use the
wireless instead of Cross Cable ... if you have wireless adapters installed properly.

Hope .. I helped Some How.


i want to know more about this...pls tell me more....


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Hi zenie
OK .. I am glad to start explaining ... 2 Routers and Computers
required Configurations .... so that you can try test them.

1- First of all If you want to make Communications between
Two Computers only without Routers ... We connect them by a Cross Cable , and each Computer must have its own IP been Configured to let the Idea work.
And Now You Can Test ... If Communications are reachable or
not , between both computers By :
1.1- Using Ping Command from Cmd prompt from A to B.
1.2- Or Running a VB6 winsock server on Computer A ,
and a VB6 winsock Client program on Computer B
and Test if Client request reaches the server and the server
accepts it then Send message from one side to the other

2- If you want to Use Routers ..... Here we Go :
But Here Ordinary Cables are used Not Crossed.
I assume Router A is Connected to Computer A .
and Router B is Connected to Computer B.
and also Router A is Connected to Router B.
So we need 3 Cables for making Connections :

2.1- One Cable is to Connect Computer A to One of the LAN
ports of the Router A .
2.2- Second Cable is to Connect Computer B to One of the LAN
ports of the Router B .
2.3- The third Cable is to Connect WAN Port of Router A to the
WAN port of the Router B.
Now I assume My settings for IP addresses for each device:

2.4 - Now Devices A :
Computer A ... IP =
Router A LAN IP =
Router A WAN IP =
ISP Gateway IP =
2.5 - Now Devices B :
Computer B ... IP =
Router B LAN IP =
Router B WAN IP =
ISP Gateway IP =

USE same sub nets ... for all.
Try ... them ... Have a Nice Test .
Actually I tested it in past ... Worked no problems.

Best Regards.