I have 2 networks setups at my office. One network is for the cash registers (192.168.1.###) and another is for my LAN service (192.168.0.###). The LAN network is connected to the internet with a router (I don't think that the internet/router info is usefull, but we never know...). Both of the networks are connected to one PC with 2 NIC ( and running on Windows 2000 (will change to XP shortly). One cash register PC ( has a USB printer connected on it. How can I share the USB printer on ( so that the 192.168.0.### network can print on it? Do I have to install a routing software on the "2 NIC" PC?


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yes, generally a router is something that will connect two different networks

I don't want to use another router. I already have one on my LAN network (192.168.0.###). I forgot to mention that one network is on "MSHOME" workgroup and the other is on "WORKGROUP" workgroup. If I change every network to the same workgroup will I see all the computers from one network to another?


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