I currently have a Motorola SB4100 connected to my PC via the USB ports (This is my NTL Internet connection).

What i want to do is connect a wirless router (Recommended by NTL) between the Motorla and the PC, so that i can connect another PC wirelessly to the internet.

Does anyone have any idea if this is possible, i have ran through the installation instructions and it says to connect everything using Ethernet cables.

The problem i have is that i don't have a network card in my PC (but i can get one) is it possible to do this leaving my existing USB connection and connection the hub to the Modem via one ethernet cable.:idea:

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Hi. Im unfamiliar with NTL and thier modems so excuse any rubbish i may say here.
If you want to share the net with more than one PC and over wireless, you should eBay for a Wireless Modem Router. That would replace the current Motorola modem (but still allow you to input the NTL settings to keep connected to NTL), give you a wireless gateway for you're wireless internet connection and lastly a router for wired ethernet internet connection.
I dont quite understand what you mean with you're hub though ?


It is possible but you have to get a network card put in your PC or get an USB network adaptor. Otherwise it is waste of time to try install a wireless router.

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