friends i donot know much of computer terminology. i am using broad band internet connection.
internet cable wire is connected to ethernet port of my cpu. my internet connection speed is of 64kbps unlimited(download and upload). initially my download transfer rate is upto 60KB/s. my connection provider installed a software called cyberoam 24online client. i have to login to connect to internet. now my download speed is drastically reduced to 3B/s. max is 7B/s. why is this happenning. Is there any way to increase my download speed. It takes an hour to download 30MB. It is very irritating for me. please help me friends. There are no limitations for downloading and uploading.


I have the same Ethernet Internet with the same software dialer of 40Kbps registered. Iam getting max. 5 to 6 Kbps sometimes when download. Windows use only 20% of Bandwidth when download nothing you can do anything with it. Its a common rule provided by all ISP's as per connection speeds.

sounds normal to me. on 64bps all you can really get is 8Bps max. minus the overhead of course, so 6-7 are fine.

and that is by no means BROADBAND, that's basic ISDN speed

thanx friends for ur kind replies.