Hi I am a new joiner here !

I have a Linksys Wireless router 54G and I use AOL broadband for DSL.

I cannot access secure sites eg, Barclays Bank, Microsoft Hotmail etc....

Ive looked in to all possible ways of resolving this but comming across this website interested me as it could be my MTU on the router???

My MTU is set to 1400 and for about 4 weeks now there are 3 machines that cannot access those websites in Internet Explorer?

I would be very greatfull for any help and advice :-)

Thank you


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Try opening internet options and resetting all security settings back to defaults. May I ask why you are using AOL with a DSL connection. I would also recommend uninstalling AOL and then seeing if that helps. AOL has a habbit of taking over a PC's internet connection. It will not remove everything from AOL, you will have to do a reformat to get that done. If you are using AOL mail or instant messanger, then just use IE and go to www.aol.com to access you email and messanger. This will save you a ton of trouble.


I managed to sort it out last night by changing the MTU on my linksys router from 1400 to auto and it worked!!

Im very chuffed and thankyou for your sugesstions :-)

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