Thanks in advance. I have two towers, one Black and one White. A friend gave me an Air Station router by Buffalo that she said would be easy used wired, impossible wireless. Both Black and White have used DSL successfully, but independently. Black is our original computer. Currently I have both computers hooked by ethernet cable to the router, but only Black can get on the internet. I've pinged the router from white, and I've pinged Black from White. I've run the Network Wizard a dozen times. I am willing to reformat White and start from scratch...I have 24 days left to activate her XP anyway...Thanks again

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check your cat5 cables you need a crossover cable it sounds like you are using a null cable dal4lind


(I hope I am replying correctly) I have a crossover cable, still in the box, because it is my understanding that I have to go ethernet port to ethernet port between the towers. Black can get on-line using USB, but he gets ver-r-ry slow. The crossover cable I have is too short, but I have a friend willing to make one for me.

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