Hey, this question probably doesn't need much background... all i would like to know is how i would go about to find my ip address when i'm on a wireless laptop behind a router.

ipconfig just gives me the ""-thing, which, of course, doesn't work for computer outside my home network. i guess it has to be possible to reach my computer from the outside, or does the router "close down" everything?

thanks a lot for any help!

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More than likely, your router is "closing" every port from the outside, so to speak. The router is doing what's called NAT (Network Address Translation), which makes every request from the machines behind the router look like they're coming from the router itself.

What are you trying to do, exactly? You might be able to use port forwarding to send requests to a specific TCP port (or a range of ports) to your box.

You can go to whatismyip.com and it will display your router's external ip address. You need to connect to this ip address when trying to reach your pc from the Internet. Then you MUST forward the port your application is using in your router config. So for instance, if you were running a web server on your pc, you would set your router to forward all requests on port 80 to your internal address ( then from the Internet, connect to your routers external address. You'll connect to your internal pc. If your Internet IP is assigned automatically, you'll either have to always be checking to make sure you know what your current IP is or set up a personal dns system through one of the outfits that does that. dyndns.org is one of them.

thanks a lot for the tips. i'll try that out tomorrow, when i have a bit more time.

btw, what i'm trying to do is connect to a java server application that i've built from computers outside my network, since it's not that much fun to have a server for games and chat with just my two computers that are in the same room and only me here. the server is also a project for a course in internetprogramming, so it would be nice if the guy who's grading it could access it.

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