I've recently signed up with Pipex internet having moved from Freedom to Surf. I chose the 2Mb package as my line is capable of 1Mb max (living in the middle of nowhere) which is what i achieved with F2S (about 1100kbps connection speed).

After configuring my router to use the new Pipex connection, i'm getting connections speeds as low as 160kbps (downloading at a pitiful 8kbps) with very occasional speeds of 600kbps.

According to Pipex, i'm stuck in a 12 month contract and being only a few weeks into it i'm sure they're not going to just let me get out of it easily.

Any suggestions as to what i can do? I could try to get BT to upgrade the phone line but i think i might as well talk to my TV.

Thanks in advance


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I would contact your ISP and see if there is anything they can do to bump the speed.

If not, just tell them "Hey i paid for 2Mb and i'm getting 10kb on a good day" do something or you will take legal action. That always scares them.

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