Hello to all :)
im new on this forum and realy hope that u can help me
problem is that i can not enter to the unsecured wifi in my house with my leptop (dell) . It tells me that I am conected and and the signal strength is exelent, IP adress are aquerd automaticly and everything else seems to be set apropriatley. Im suffffering with it I realy need my interent at home. please help me.

P.S I sure u will need some aditional informaton....

com on people tell me something
just anything because i thing that i tryed everything, cheked everything, uninstaled ad instaled my drivers... and etc... but useless
do u have any idea
tell me something

if there is no message reported how do you know you are not connected to the internet ?
Maybe your explorer is setup to "off line" regime or - more probably - you are using your business laptop with proxy server settings ?
For our help you have to specify your problem more detail. Is there some message from your IE ? e.g. "IE is not able to find .... "
Regards midl :-)