I am running an upcoming company with multiple branches. My business is booming and I am opening up new branches. So I need a Web Conferencing System that should be easy to use, secured operation and less complex in architecture. Reliability of the company is another issue. Is anybody proficient with solution. I will be happy to employ a really productive solution.

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Well, generally speaking web conferencing softwares like Webex/Citrix/IBM/Microsoft are great if you are looking for hosted conferencing. In my opinion though, I prefer on premise appliances rather than hosted softwares, because they are more secure and you buy it outright. They are also fast and easy to use, and have ongoing IT support.

I have used RHUB's TurboMeeting http://www.rhubcom.com which has all the benefits of on-premise softwares, and is surprisingly reliable and cost effective.

hi jhonson. ever heard of 321 meet? it's a web meeting/conferencing site that is easy to use and free of charge. plus there's no need to purchase and install softwares. this will surely help you and your business. go and give it a try.

What I suggest is to have an on premise web conferencing appliance such as RHUB which is secured and easy to use. You may have a look at rhubcom.com.

I suggest you use quality softwares like CISCO WebEx. ^^

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