I've got a Packard Bell i-media 5267 P4 2.4ghz cpu and my wife has an Acer P4 Laptop.I've just set up a home network and everything is working fine both ends except that my wife cannot access her ebay account. She gets on the website ok but everytime she tries to log in and clicks ok on the box which says 'you are about to view pages over a secure connection etc' she gets the 'This page cannot be displayed' message. She can access the account ok on my desktop (host) so we know the problem's not with ebay.
I've contacted my ISP and they talked me through some things online but with no success. She can surf the web,send/receive emails and everything else. Hope this is enough info and will very much appreciate any help.

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Are you using network connection sharing?

Sorry for late reply. Yes we have network sharing. I've gone into internet options and disabled some options and restored to default most of the explorer settings as advised by my ISP. Both computers have SP2 and I also have Mcafee installed. I've disabled all firewalls but still no joy.

I suspect the problem is that the secure protocol that is being used when she tries to enter the site does not like the fact that the first machine is altering the packet. It has to do this in order to share the connection. This is a big problem with VPNs also. I doubt you will find a workaround, because everything is doing what it is designed to do in these cases. I suggest you replace the ICS with a real router, ICS is garbage anyway. A little Linksys is around $50.00 or less and way better than ICS and it's a real firewall.

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