Yesterday morning my computer suddenly disconnected from the internet. I live in an apartment building and Comcast is my ISP. I have a D-link wireless router connected to the modem and a desktop & laptop that both connect wirelessly to the router.
Both computers connect to the network but now only my laptop can connect to the internet. Luckily for me there are other residents in the building who have unsecured wireless networks and if I connect to one of them my desktop connects to the internet perfectly. I only have problems when trying to connect through my own network & only with my desktop, which coincidently is the one which handles most of my uploading/downloading.
Am I being targeted/blocked? any thoughts would be appreciated.

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No, Comcast could block a port to your modem, or completely stop your modem but there is nothing they could do to keep one computer from connecting to your router.

Whatever the problem is it's an issue with your dekstop and the modem. On my wireless network at home I often see one system unable to connect to my network when others work, it can be a lot of things but is usually solved by resetting the system and router.

If you're able to access other wireless networks with the Desktop, and use other pc's to access your router, it sounds like the issue is with the router recognizing the desktop. Unplug the router and then reconnect it, this should reset your network and resolve the problem.


You can try to bypass the router first then try to connect the Comcast modem directly to the computer and check if you have a good connection. If not, you need to have the modem returned to the local office or try to chat or contact customer service of Comcast. I know that Comcast has been a pain for so many customers. I used to work with them. :)

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