My daughter just brought her dell d800 laptop home from college and I can't connect it to my household wireless network. On the system tray the icon with the bars shows all green, with right ckick "Wireless connectionn unavailable".
There is a small red "x"on the system tray icon "
ipconfig gives the message "Ethernet adapter Wireless Network Connection: Media State.....Media disconnected", and "Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection: Media State....: Media disconnected"
I tried disabeling the Dell wireless card and reenableing it- with no success. I also tried unchecking the box in the dell wireless utility to allow windows to manage the connection-- nothing works.
The ethernet connection to the router works fine if I plug it in, but can't get the wireless network working!
Please help!1

The laptops NIC does not see the wireless network?

Have you made sure network 'broadcasting' is enabled within the routers settings?

Once you can see the WLAN and successfully ping the router from the laptop, it should be simply a matter of joining the LAN through entering the correct encryption key (providing you dont have MAC addy filtering also enabled)