My service provider is AOL. The main computer is a desktop, and the 2nd (mine) is a laptop.

The router is safecom. it is a wired connection.

The problem that we have is that the internet is working on the laptop but msn messenger is not working at all..which is driving me MAD.

Msn messenger is workin on the main computer.

we were told to change the mtu. we hav done this and it stil doesnt work. i am at the end of my tether (if thats even how u spell it!)

any suggestions would be appreciated as AOL will not help and neither does any of the msn messenger trouble shooting problem.

The error message is that i cant connect to the internet and asks if i am actually connected (which i am) am the error code is 0x81000301 if that helps!

again any suggestions would be welcome.

I am computer literate and can pick up things quickly as long as they are explained properly.


My service provider is AOL.

Hmm... that is a pretty serious problem; I think you should reformat. :mrgreen:

Seriously though, here are some links which discuss some of the possible causes of (and solutions to) the 0x81000301 error:


Also- if the particular computer on which you are having problems has any firewall software (Nortons Internet Security, for example), completely disable the firewall and see if you can then connect. If so, you're obviously going to have to adjust the firewall settings to allow Messanger to communicate.

yeah iv done that already and have done absolutely every single thing they have asked me to do and stil it doesnt work so thought it mite have been due to my networking as it has worked on here before.

thanks anyway


Hi, That's the exact problem with me too, after i change my router and upgrade the speed, and right now m using the internet by wi-fi. Thought i could get some information here. Hmmmm well i should call the company now